Aaron Ramsdale: Arsenal

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One of the taunts from many supporters following Aaron Ramsdale ‘s move was: “Arsenal have gone mad for a goalkeeper. Who has been relegate for a fee. up to 30 million pounds.”

In the past four years Ramsdale has been relegated three times. And in the last two years has been relegate from the Premier League alongside Bournemouth and Sheffield United. 

Arsenal were laughe at when Emiliano Martinez left the club last summer for just £20 million. And Martinez has now been upgrade to a ‘big club’. One of the Premier League‘s toughest goalkeepers As well as becoming the number one in the Argentina national team that led the team to the Copa America championship.

Following the release of Emi Martinez in the summer of 2020, Arsenal are eyeing Aarons Ramsdale as one of their new potential goalkeeper options. But the 22-year-old at the time opted to join Sheffield United. After being relegated to Bournemouth.

Arteta then brought in Alex Runarsson in the summer and has loaned another Matt Ryan in the winter market. But in reality, no one has given Arteta enough confidence to even dare to decide to drop Brand Leno as a backup despite the German goalkeeper’s poor form.

Arteta is therefore betting on Ramsdale for an initial fee of £24m and could rise to £30m, with the more expensive Jordan Pickford among the English goalkeepers.  

The payout that could reach 30 million pounds clearly shows that Arsenal are not looking at Ramsdale as a spare. They need a goalkeeper who is good enough to compete for the number one spot in the team. 

In the image that appears to be a “stigma” with relegation from the Premier League over the last two seasons. Raesdale’s personal performance is the opposite of the team’s performance.