Chelsea ‘s defense of the title after just two games

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Chelsea ‘s defense of the title after just two games has stalled and lost. It’s been shown that it’s not easy.

         Losing against a team like Juventus is not uncommon as it is consider the top team in Europe. But with a game that comes out that is superior to every goal. But with an empty hand is a pity.

         Over the course of 90 minutes, Thomas Tuchel‘s game was above all goals. but a single fraction that is distracting The payout is for losing the game completely.

         Signs indicate that each game that has not been easy on the field since the attack on Aston Villa, and now the team has lost two games in a row. It’s time to look at yourself that the team is not really that good and every game is difficult.

team arrangement Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel reverted to a 3-4-2-1 system after last game against Manchester City, the teams switched to 3-5-2.

         In this game, the team was adjust by Reece James and N’Golo Kante. Who was not name in the team as the first one was ill. As for the latter. They must be quarantine. 

         Thiago Silva joins Andreas Christensen Quibab, Antonio Rudiger, Cesar Azpilicueta, Jorginho, Mate. O Kovacic and Marcos Alonso enter the offensive line, Hakim Ziyech replaces Timo Werner, forming an offensive game against Kai Havertz, with Romelu Lukaku at Familiar with Italian football, standing in front of the target. The goalkeeper is Eduard Mendy.

First half with few chances

   By collecting the first game win together, both of them and are the two teams that are expect to hug each other in the next round Therefore, meeting in person is very cautious. 

         The first chance of the game came in the 7th minute, a corner kick that should have been a practice ball. Marcos Alonso opened the ball for Romelu Lukaku to run to shoot, but the ball was not strong and went straight. Check out Chesney too.

         Juventus had a chance to win in the 20th minute when Mateo Kovacic lost the ball, cut off by Federico Chiesa from the center of the field, snatched into the right-hand penalty area before shuffling the ball off the second post.

         Chelsea have a lot of possession on the ball, but the timing of the shot is almost impossible to win. It’s the way the home team gets more thrill from Adrien Rabiot’s shot outside the box in the 31st minute. That’s a chance to win in the first half. Which is considered low and not very exciting.