“Ferdinand” looks at the four seasoned swans hanging from their necks. Leg 2

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BT Sport analyst Rio Ferdinand believes Liverpool’s 2-0 advantage in the Champions League semi-final first leg over Villarreal was enough to allow them to qualify for the final. Even with the second leg to visit Spain. That’s because the quality of the 4 senior players is definitely enough to give the team peace of mind about defensive ufabet games.

Ferdinand has pointed to Jordan Henderson, Andrew Robertson , Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander – Arnold just four . This person hits the shoe at the Estadio de la Selamica, fully guaranteed to avoid any accidents.  

” They have to make sure to put up a fence to protect the door or any unforeseen events that could haunt them, ” he told ‘ BT Sport ‘ .

“ It ‘s true the score is 2-0 but you have to go out for the second away game. Go on the field there to collect work and have to break into professional form. ” 

“ But one thing I always say about this team. is the cohesiveness of the player group. They are one and the same. and does not allow a football accident to happen. ” 

” Looks like the two people interviewed after the game ( Henderson , Robertson ) , they’re two people who are like collateral club representatives. “

“ I still feel that behind the scenes there is also Van Dijk, perhaps Trent as well. A group that is in control of the unforeseen. ” 

“ That’s what made you visit with peace of mind that you missed it . ” 

As a Liverpool away team, this season is very brutal, winning 5 games in a row, shooting at least 2 goals per game , Asian handicap per half , aggregate score of two and a half, merging three