Smalling is injured again and will not save Roma for three weeks

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Roma’s England centre-back Chris Smalling will miss about three weeks after suffering a thigh injury.

Smalling has just started his first Serie A game this season. In the last ufabet game that Roma opened home to beat Empoli 2-0 on the weekend. But faced an injury to the right thigh muscle. A minimum stay of three weeks is require.

British centre-back Will miss at least the next three games against Juventus, Bodo-Glimt in the Europa Conference League and Napoli, having only return to the starting XI in their last two unbeaten games. Beat Soria Lugansk 3-0 to score one goal. 

And the Serie A game with Empoli by the beginning of the season suffered a muscle injury behind the knee. However, this is unlikely to affect the formation of Jose Mourinho as Roma coach, as the main centre-back partner who played in Serie A earlier in the season was Gianluca Mancini. with Roger Ibanez